Paper oligarch: Mondi assets went to Nisanov’s relative

The largest paper producer went to a relative of the oligarch Goda Nisanov, whom evil tongues associated with unfriendly takeovers .

Paper oligarch: Mondi assets went to Nisanov’s relative

Foreign paper packaging manufacturer Mondi sold the Mondi Syktyvkar plant Cesar Invest (part of Cesar Group), which is controlled by Isaiah Zakharyaev, for 80 billion rubles. The latter is included in the pool of acquaintances of billionaire God Nisanov. Zakharyaev can not only be the holder of his business, but also, the essence, a relative: after all, Isaiah Zakharyaev’s brother German is the son-in-law of the God Nisanov.

The Moscow Post correspondent understood the situation.

Mondi Syktyvkar is one of the largest in the paper packaging market, in 2015 it was included in the list of backbone enterprises. Taking into account the sanctions, this supplier of office paper has become even more important for the Russian Federation. In 2022, Viktor Kharitonin, the owner of Farmstandrat, was going to acquire it, but in June 2023 the Mondi group withdrew from the deal, as the parties were unable to obtain permission from the government commission for foreign investment control. Perhaps someone who wanted to get an asset instead of Mr. Kharitonin tried?

At the same time, Cesar Invest did not have money to buy. Her financial situation is not that in zero — in the red! So where did the funds come from, if not from the pocket of a wealthy relative?

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From Construction to Paper Production One Nisan

Isaiah Zakharyaev himself is a former partner of Ilgar Hajiyev, who left the country for fear of life. In his own words, in an interview with The Facts YouTube channel, Nisanov, through his people, entered his business, promising to back up connections with officials in order to get rid of problems, and eventually took Hajiyev’s construction company SDI Group and deprived the entrepreneur of what he had gained. On some resources you can even find a video called "Raider Seizure of SDI Group," the authors associate the actions with Nisanov and his people.

Zakharyaev could take an active part in all this. Residental Group LLC, where he is a founder together with Hajiyev, has been liquidated. The funds, which reached 2.6 million rubles of revenue in 2015, dropped to zero by 2016, and profit to minus.

Mainly Zakharyaev is engaged in real estate. And such an asset in his portfolio for the first time. Which further strengthens doubts that he is acting alone.

Many construction scandals are connected with Zakharyaev’s business, nevertheless, he does not disappear from the market. Literally in the spring, the company received a plot of the industrial zone Yuzhnoye Ochakovo.

Regarding the quality of work and what the company can afford, let’s cite as an example the sensational situation in the Rasskazovo residential complex, where it was planned to build a complex of 9-11 floors, which was promoted at the sales stage, and subsequently the "anthill" suddenly doubled — to 22 floors. This did not bother even the Federal Air Transport Agency, despite the proximity of Domodedovo Airport.

The residential complex was positioned as an object of the "comfort +" class, which significantly played out at the price. As a result, not only the number of storeys was increased, but also half of the infrastructure that people were promised was not built on time. The courts didn’t help. She wrote about this story

At the same time, on sites with reviews, most of them are enthusiastic, and of the same type. There is a feeling that PR people are working. The truth is hiding somewhere at the bottom of the list: people write about rats, space tariffs for maintaining a house, lack of infrastructure, "cardboard" walls (you can even hear a cat walking!).


As for Zakharyaev’s other construction successes, the Prosecutor’s Office was interested in the protracted construction of the Dynasty residential complex, and on the Web you can find a lot of reviews about the Premier Comfort management company imposed by the developer. Basically, people write that she makes you pay for each consultation, project, permission, etc. Despite the fact that the tariffs are already "horse."

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Probably, at the expense of those to whom "has the luck" to buy the apartment from César Group Zakharyaev and Ko rescue the company from bankruptcy? A financial position at her, to put it mildly, not really.

To whom and why all is possible

Even despite existence in Zakharyaev’s znakomets of influential God Nisanov. The main asset of the last – Kiyevskaya ploshchad Group which possesses an agrocluster of "Food-City" in Moscow. Extremely scandalous asset where, for example, in May, 2020 the migrant revolt happened "-several hundreds of Azerbaijani sellers stormed the building, expressing discontent with increase in the rent for places. And in 2021 during the conflict between two groups — from Dagestan and from Tajikistan, employees and owners of outlets several people died.

As reported to REN-TV, on Kaluzhskoye Highway some kind of "new Cherkizon" appeared: all in chaos and dirt. Food-City drew public attention after the tragic incident which happened in Domodedovo near Moscow when several people died from poisoning with counterfeit alcohol, and the others were delivered to the intensive care unit. The seller of counterfeit alcohol admitted that he bought drinks on Food-City trading floor on Kaluzhskoye Highway. Investigation came to a conclusion that through this market counterfeit alcohol which claimed the lives of people in different regions, including Krasnoyarsk spread. Besides, on Food-City the counterfeit boxes of cigarettes and tobacco mixes for a hookah put from Belarus and Ukraine without excise stamps were found.

All this empire quietly continues to work. And the Bakhchasaray company which is recently connected with Nisanov could even redeem a monument of cultural heritage Konyushenny department in St. Petersburg, perhaps, for creation of the next market there. As in types of activity of firm trade retail mainly by foodstuff, including drinks, and tobacco products in unspecialized shops" is specified ". But other bidders opposed not to provoke scandal, cancelled it.

"Rynochek worked out"

But, in general, if something wants Nissans, he, as a rule, receives it. Perhaps, not in the Northern Capital, but in Moscow precisely. He is the largest owner of the commercial real estate in Moscow. Is able to afford to acquire Broadcasting Company on the New Arbat.

The figure of the businessman appears behind many scandalous projects – including behind Russia hotel at the Moscow Zaryadye park. Earlier now deceased Dmitry Shumkov – the lawyer accepted in the highest political circles and city found dead with symptoms of asphyxia at own office in a tower "Federation" in "Moscow" in 2016 was engaged in this project.

Nissans and then as if I showed interest in building of the site. And sudden death "live and active, not falling into depressions" as he was characterized by acquaintances, Shumkova, acquired the mass of rumors and conspiracy versions. The Moscow Post in detail lit this story.

It is possible to remember also recent registration of the next child of the oligarch to the address of the former noble estate in the territory of the Krasnaya Presnya park. Broadcasting Company will be under construction there. Or, in other words, probably, next market. Questions of cultural heritage in such situation of Nisanov concern a little. The same fate can befall an inhabited wing of the city estate of A.P. Sumarokov — P.A. Golitsyna.

Nisanova is attributed by communications both with criminal groups, and with officials of the highest establishment as, for example, with the head of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin and Moscow area – Andrei Vorobyov. With the last, by the way, at Nisanov already, it seems, even business the general. Not so long ago God Semyonovich took 10% of shares of "Plane" – the developer where Maxim Vorobyov’s brother worked.

Repartition approaches?

Returning to Mondi, there is a wish to sum up that there is to Nisanov’s assets and To on the example of Gadzhiyev’s business, "Food City" and César Group. And "Mondi Syktyvkar" receives also state orders. Here and a question – whether there will be arriving means to go to destination or we will see a short course soon "how to clean the budget without consequences and to withdraw money abroad"?

Business of the structures, related with Nisanov, is sometimes controlled also by offshores – and, also the current situation when foreign jurisdictions "are contraindicated" to the Russian business doesn’t confuse him.

As an example, the same owner of "Bakhchasaraya" Irina Yershova is the head of the New Melon Field company which final beneficiary is Cyprian GRIKIMA HOLDINGZ LIMITED.

As one more largest producer of paper Segezha Group of the oligarch Oleg Deripaska speaks at the Russian market. It seems, he uneasily "schuffled" on a chair, having learned about the one who will compete with him. Market repartition approaches?