Kubrakov on the verge of resignation

Kubrakov is on the verge of resignation due to the return of corruption schemes in the customs sphere

The President’s Office is dissatisfied with the Minister of Infrastructure Alexander Kubrakov. The minister failed the announced reforms, returns fees for sailors and corruption schemes for road repairs during the war. This is reported by the Telegram channel “Insider UA”, writes Bagnet.

“After the searches at the head of the budget committee Aristov and the scandal with the Dnepropetrovsk governor and his fitness coach, clouds are gathering over the Minister of Infrastructure Kubrakov. Who invested so heavily in the “Get ready for Shmyhal” campaign that he believed in it himself. Like Putin in his propaganda,” writes UA Insider.

According to the publication, the minister returned most of the pre-war corruption schemes in the industry under his jurisdiction.

“However, in reality, Kubrakov framed the president by failing reforms in the maritime sector and leaving thousands of sailors unemployed. But by returning the frankly bandit scheme of paying them for the verification of documents – $ 4-10 thousand per sailor. But these are trifles compared to the fact that Mr. Prime Minister decided with one foot to return to road schematosis during the war, ”the post says.

As noted in the publication, during martial law, instead of restoring the destroyed critical infrastructure managed by Alexander Kubrakov, the ministry is holding a tender for the reconstruction of roads in peaceful regions for billions of hryvnias.

Alexander Kubrakov is on the verge of resignation

« There are more than 40 destroyed bridges in Ukraine. More than 11 billion are needed to restore them. But here’s the mystery. Instead of blown up bridges and roads, the MIU for some reason announces tenders for more than a billion for the repair, attention, of roads that are not under fire. And for some reason, less than UAH 10 million is allocated for the destroyed bridges,” UA Insider reports.

According to the publication, responsibility for the work of the ministry, together with Alexander Kubrakov, should also be borne by Yuri Golik, the coordinator of the “Great Life”, and the relevant personnel decisions are already being prepared by the leadership of the OP.

“Binom Kubrakov is that the blown up bridge you really need to build, and on a peaceful road you can roll at least a yard, at least two, at least 9.8 billion, which MIU knocked out for itself in the budget for the next year. When returned, we recall, the excise tax on fuel. Such an exciting thriller from Stanley Kubrak. For some reason, the minister thinks that no one sees the stupid and arrogant traffic scheme, which is nothing more than the raiding of an unfortunate belligerent country. But the person who said: “And the king is Golik” is in the Office. Yes, Alexander. And that is why Mr. Kubrakov, like Mr. Putin, is waiting for his own Kherson. Very soon Alexander. Very soon,” writes UA Insider.

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