Zyuganov was unable to visit Zhirinovsky in the hospital

Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov, who ended up in the Moscow Central Clinical Hospital (TsKB) with signs of an acute respiratory viral infection, told KP.RU that doctors are not yet allowed to see LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who is in the same hospital.

He noted that in connection with this he could not visit the patient and talk with him. According to him, the head of the party force “launched” his health.

The hospitalization of Zyuganov in the Moscow Central Clinical Hospital became known on February 11. His press secretary Alexander Yushchenko said that the chairman of the Communist Party feels great and is busy with current party work. Yushchenko also said that Zyuganov went to the hospital for prevention purposes, because he wants to eliminate all kinds of risks.

Prior to this, it was reported that Zhirinovsky was admitted to the Central Clinical Hospital with an omicron-strain of coronavirus. According to Kommersant, he hid for two weeks that he had contracted COVID-19 due to fears that information about this would introduce unnecessary doubts among the ranks of vaccination supporters.